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About us

Little Green Trunk was founded in 2015 by Supriya Tirkey and Rohit Karandadi, while studying at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. We are trained animators who are compulsively driven to create hand-crafted journals and books.

                We first came across making journals when we were blazing past our existing sketchbooks and nothing fit our aesthetic and durability needs on the stationery store shelves. That’s when we decided to combine Supriya’s passion for all things cut and sewn to Rohit’s love of visual storytelling. Little Green Trunk was prematurely born when we decided to sell books made from waste paper at our own college convocation to a stunning response.

                Since then we’ve shifted base to the sun and sands of Goa, running the business from a quaint house, surrounded by birds, coconut & jackfruit trees and lots of love from our neighboring canine and feline friends. Through your astonishing and endearing support, we are working towards collaborating with local communities through indie capitalism and use harmonious design to enrich beauty on the shelves and beauty in lives of everyone involved.