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And we sprout !!


Little Green Trunk sprouts


Hi there!

 We hope you liked what you saw in our colorful and as of now, little, trunk of delights.

 Ever loyal and trustworthy, diaries are your first best friends. Ones who lend a keen ear to every rambling of your complex mind. Dark or sunny, silly or funny, juvenile or plain happy, they’ll lap up every little thought and emotion of yours, and when the time is right, show you the mirror as well. And as you mature, they’ll take you on a nostalgic trip back to the person you once were!

 With a fun assortment  of patterns and unique artwork, we hope to make your special place, that much more special. And in doing so, we also hope to spread some joy to the local communities we work with. Through Little Green Trunk we hire locals who help us in making our handmade products.

 Why Handmade? The world has moved towards a grossly one size fits all era after the advent of machines and the ease of mass manufacturing goods. The down side of which is loss of individuality and an atrocious expectation for every individual to be neatly slotted in the categories of needs that can be mass made.

 While we are a for-profit organization, we’re clear that we don’t want to be the ones going for mass-produced goods. We ensure that the dignity of labor is protected and are also interested in looking beyond the assembly line manufacturing process where the roles of each person are limited to one single task. The products thus made can not only tailor individual needs but also, since they are handmade, carry a sense of self-expression by the maker in the work.

 We firmly believe in Indie Capitalism, a movement that has strength to bring back power to local communities and transform their standards of living. And through our little venture, we hope to lend our support to this movement and empower locals.

 Keep watching this space, we have a lot more lined up for you in the coming weeks.

 Until then.